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Tapping into the True Power Source
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 Spiritual Medication for Troubled Times
Tapping into the True Power Source

Combining scientific evidence, spiritual truths, and psychotherapeutic tools Valerie brings Universal Truths to light.

Learn how to overcome fear, walk in peace and bring miracles into your life with simple tools that that will transform your life.  This book will help you find the deliverance that you seek in a troubled world.

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  1. I was fortunate to attend one of Valerie’s Mind Mastery seminars a couple of years ago when I lived in Las Vegas. I still refer to the notes I took the one night when I find my perspective is slipping. I now live in Kentucky and am in the bishopric of our ward. I’m feeling a particular prompting to try and introduce Valerie’s concepts to the people of this area. I do not presume to speak for her but I know how what I learned in that one seminar has affected me and want to share it if I can. I know doing my homework will make it easier for me to share what I learn with other so I’m definitely interested and very excited to get my own copy of her upcoming book! I tried clicking on the link above to reserve a copy but it isn’t clickable.

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