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Universal Truths Seminar 7 Week course

 Universal Truths 7-Week Seminar

Seminar Syllabus:
Week 1 – The true power of thought; Thought Choice.
Week 2 – The light spectrum.
Week 3 – Conquering fears and gaining synergy.
Week 4 – Childhood wounds.
Week 5 – Personal organic computer and virtual reality systems.
Week 6 – The Theory of Chaos and what it means to you.



Cost: $250

Couples Cost: $450

*The Free Seminar is a prerequisite for the Universal Truths 7 week course.

    This Universal Truths Seminar is a seven week course aimed to help those participating understand universal truths and to help them incorporate this knowledge into their own everyday lives, improving and fortifying the quality of  their life. Knowledge is power and knowledge correctly applied is wisdom. See Gift of Wisdom Psychotherapeutic, spiritual, and scientific knowledge will become your recourses and tools. The focus of this seminar is how to actively utilize and bring to light your resources and tools. You can pay thru Paypal or on the night of the first class with cash or check

Universal Truths Seminar

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