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Refresh and Renew Couples Retreat


    In this breath-taking scenic and relaxing setting you can expect a fun, spiritual, enlightening and life-changing mountaintop experience. You will come away feeling refreshed and renewed in your relationships. You will have hope in your heart, a feeling of peace, and new tools to begin fresh. For those uncomfortable with personal disclosure it is important to know that you will not be asked to share personal or revealing information. Scenarios and situations common to couples will be used to help understand the concepts and principles that will be taught. Discussions will be general in nature, rather than specific about any individual or couple participating in the retreat.

When & Where:

TBA in Springdale, Utah

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Who will benefit:

If your marriage is already amazing or if it is flat-lining and on life support or if it is anywhere in between then this weekend can change your relationship forever.

Why YOU need this

You will be able to reach new heights in your marriage, learn what love really is, and work towards having an ideal marriage. You will begin to understand the true power that God has given to both men and women. You will walk away as an intimate team with hope in your relationship and enjoy a renewed desire for each other.


Seminar Topics

Mind Mastery in Marriage

You will learn the difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones in marriage and how to use the stepping stones to reach new heights of happiness in your marriage.

Understanding What Love Is & What Love Is Not

Misunderstandings you may have about what love is and the unintended consequences of what it is not will be identified in a fun activity. Your eyes will be opened to ways you may have been unintentionally contributing to becoming best frien-emies with your sweetheart.

Real Love Versus Reciprocity

The definition of what love really is will be identified and discussed. We will be introducing principles such as; love is a one-way street, marriage’s golden rule, learning to be a conduit of love, and the paradoxical nature of love. Couple’s imaginations will be activated in a fun and creative exercise meant to open the couple, as a team, to the exciting and hopeful possibilities for their marriage.

The Ideal Marriage

You’ll learn how to define an ideal marriage and have fun with hands-on ways you can create one in your home. Because marriage is a sacred space, you’ll learn how to align your priorities as a couple through collaboration to get the marriage you want, rather than trying to survive the marriage you think you have.

Beauty and Strength

Your mind will be stretched as you discuss the true power that God has given to men and women. This power has the potential to truly change you, the individual and in turn, your marriage relationship. When you understanding these truths and then commit to consistently honor them you will activate true power and transformation in your relationships.

Desire and Intimacy

Myths about intimacy and desire will be debunked and hopeful truths will be introduced. You will be able to identify options to help you and your spouse become an Intimate Team. The goal of this session is for couples to walk away as an Intimate Team with hope in their intimate relationship and a renewed shared desire based in real possibilities.


A big barrier to any healthy relationship is bad communication. You will learn some very important communication skill and develop simple tools that, if consistently practiced, will make significant improvements in your marriage relationship.

Bringing it Altogether

In this capstone session we will bring together the most important points of each of the previous sessions. The goal is to demonstrate how each component weaves together with every other component to create one great whole. You will review methods to implement, in consistent and effective ways, each of the principles you have learned. Your goal as a couple is to consistently, as a hopeful, loving, intimate team, move together to an ideal marriage, one simple step at a time.



  1. Jen Jen
    November 18, 2016    

    I would love to come to this!! Please let me know when the next one will be!

  2. Kim Brown Kim Brown
    January 13, 2017    

    Interested in a couples retreat and wondering if there are any planned for 2017??

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