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Mind Mastery Seminar (Free)

The next dates for the free Mind Mastery seminar are


Walk-ins are welcome, but be aware this seminar fills quickly and seating is limited. Coming later may result in sitting in overflow seating. Reserving your seat is most advised. Reserve your seat below.


 Don’t miss the opportunity to change your life!

      The Mind Mastery Seminar (MMS) teaches you the basic principles of how to live your life in a state of happiness. You will learn that the foundation of living in that state of happiness is an internal liberty called mind mastery which ultimately leads to external liberty. The pillars that uphold it will be presented and defined. The MMS is the foundational teaching that helps people understand the power that is available to them and how to make life work for them all while living in a state of consistent peace and happiness.
You will learn how to tap into the energy of the universe and discover for yourself that empowerment really is a possibility for you. By learning how to combine spiritual truths with verifiable scientific evidence and established therapeutic tools, these two hours can literally set you free.

“No other follow-up classes are needed to implement the truths contained in this stand-alone 2-hour seminar. It is my gift to you to help you find peace in your life in these troubled times.” – Valerie

Date: Thursday, September 7th / Wednesday, October 4th
Time: 7:00-9:00pm –
Location:  4825 E Carey Ave. LV, NV 89115.



Request your FREE seat!

(also a pre-requisite to attend the Universal Truths Seminar 7-week course)

Please be sure children between the ages 12 and 15 are accompanied by an adult. Thank you.

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  1. Beth Beth
    April 21, 2017    

    When will your free class in June be?

    • admin admin
      May 23, 2017    

      June 1st

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