Limitless Faith Brings Limitless Possibilities


 Ab023out Me:

  • Married to my best friend.
  • We are parents of six children.
  • Grandmother of fifteen.
  • A Seeker of Truth.

      “I believe in the basic goodness of all humanity and strive to help others find it within themselves. Helping individuals recognize truth, learn how to cut through the false precepts that limit them, and access the blessings and miracles promised to all. I am a family, marriage, and individual therapist. I specialize in spiritual matters, addiction (to include drugs, pornography, and self-destructive behaviors).”Valerie Dimick, MSW LCSW

Valerie Dimick is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received a Bachelors and Masters Degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from both programs and was named Outstanding Student of the Year for her senior year Bachelors program and again in the Masters program. She is a member of the Phi Kappa Honor Society, Delta Chapter Phi Alpha Honor Society, Golden Key National Honor Society, and the National Omnicron Psi Honor Society. Ms. Dimick is in private practice. She does individual, couples, and family therapy. Additionally, Valerie has developed her own model for therapeutic intervention. It combines spiritual, scientific, and psychotherapeutic aspects to help the individual find true healing through increased knowledge and development of tools to activate true principles in the life of the individual. She has developed and regularly presents a 7-week seminar series, called Universal Truths, that helps people to understand how to make life work for them. The first in the series she presents monthly as a free gift to any who wish to attend. It is a stand alone concept that can and does change lives.

Valerie and her husband, Chuck, have six children and fifteen grandchildren. The dedication she has shown to her family, church, and work have gotten her to where she is today. You will see your life through different eyes after listening to her speak. Valerie believes in the basic goodness of all humanity and works to help others find it within themselves. Her motto is “Limitless Faith Brings Limitless Possibilities.”

Educational Achievements, Affiliations and Credits:

Graduated Summa Cum Laude (Bachelors and Masters)

Outstanding Student of the Year (Bachelors and Masters)Phi Kappa Honor Society

Delta Chapter Phi Alpha Honor Society

Golden Key National Honor Society

National Omnicron-PSI Honor Society

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