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Beauty Dwells Within You (Women’s series)

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A day to discover yourself and the truth about the true power that you have as woman.

A day to discover the truth that Mother Eve understood, but has been lost to her daughters through the lies and deceptions of the adversary and his minions over time.

A day to empower women to stand in their truth. To walk in the gift that God has given them. To truly be the influence for good that  women were prepared to be, from the foundation of the world.

October 15th, 2016

$125 per woman

Breakfast & Lunch included

Beauty Dwells Within You Oct. 15th

“The Beautiful women workshop was a powerful presentation on the roles and strengths of women. The unique approach was both dynamic and engaging, and has given me insight on how to become my True Self. I am looking forward to taking it again.” – Judy T.

 “I have always known I am a daughter of God. However, through Valerie I have come to a realization that I am truly a beautiful daughter of God. My real beauty lies within me and I am the only one along with my Savior that can unlock that beauty. I can only have the beauty I allow myself to have. My greatest desire then is to have the beauty or ability to be an influence of a good to those around me!” – Rhonda H.

“This past weekend I attended a Beauty seminar given by Valerie Dimick.  I have never looked at the power of women in the way I did at this seminar.  It was very powerful and I feel as though I understand now more than ever, the sacred connection I have not only with my Father in Heaven, but with my husband.  I am now able to freely access unlimited power for myself and bless the lives of my family and other people I meet along the way.  Truly inspiring and it is my belief that these are the things that all of mankind will be learning from now into the eternities.” -Connie G.

“Valerie Dimick’s seminar really opened up my mind to the power and potential I have within me as a daughter of God. She made me see that my Heavenly Father is truly my biggest ally and that no matter what, I am worthy of his love and guidance.” -Holly S.

“I loved the Beauty Seminar! As women, we are constantly being bombarded with protests of inequality and always made to feel, as women, that we are the weaker sex. It just couldn’t be farther from the truth. I seriously felt empowered and that there just wasn’t anything I couldn’t do. We as women know this to be true, but the seminar teaches us why and how it is true. Every woman and young woman needs to hear, and would benefit greatly for attending this seminar. I have already looked for ways to teach my daughters what I have learned.”- Nicole D.

“I absolutely loved the Beauty Seminar. What really matters to me is knowing that as a woman I can shine brighter than any other. I learned I can make a difference wherever I go. I have the courage in me!”- Stephanie P.


To reserve your seat and secure the early bird pricing, a $50 deposit or the full payment must be made by April 8th.